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Matured for hundreds of years, oak takes on its unique character. Wood is hard and therefore demanding.
It needs an exact drying and treatment process so that the furniture that comes from it can serve generations. Such are our furniture - for generations.
We will not give away furniture from which we are not 100% satisfied, that's why the production process lasts so much.
Each product has a delivery date clearly marked in the description which counts from the moment of posting the full amount of the order on our account. Also in the confirmation sent to your e-mail you will find information about the time of delivery.

Estimated time of completion is the maximum time in which we will send your new piece of furniture, so there is a good chance that it will happen faster. However, we can not guarantee faster shipments than the declared time, so in your plans, take into account this maximum time.

The shipping time is counted in working days (from Monday to Friday).