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Will my furniture be delivered assembled?

Unless otherwise specified in the product description, all our furniture is delivered fully assembled.


Is furniture assembly difficult?

All our furniture sent in flat pack is prepared so their assembly is very simple. Customer receives a full set of components necessary for assembly (including screws or bolts). In case of difficulties with assembly, we can help by phone or e-mail.


Does the bed have a frame included?

Yes, the bed has a frame included in the price of the bed. The frame is made of wood, and its assembly takes only a moment.


Does the bed have a mattress included?

No, there’s no mattress included.


What height does the mattress fit into my new bed?

For our beds, we recommend mattresses over 15cm thick.


Is it possible to make a bed with a raised frame and a container for bedding?

Yes, you can order a raised frame with a container for bedding for each of our beds.


Can I order products coated with wax or oil?


Normally, our furniture is covered with high-quality polyurethane varnish, but we can replace it into a natural wax or oil. In this case, the price does not change.


Is it possible to order a higher bed?

It is possible to order a bed with non-standard dimensions, including ordering a bed higher than the standard one. To order this product contact our sales department.


Is it possible to make a product in a different colour than shown in the colour list?

If none of the colours from our palette of colours is appropriate, we are able to make a product in a different colour chosen by the customer. In this case, please contact our sales department.


Can I order other handles?

As standard our handles are made of oak branches, but we can easily replace them for any other type of handle. To order non-standard handles, just contact our sales department.


Can I order a product in other dimensions?

Of course, each of our products are made to order. We will gladly match it to your needs. To order custom dimensions, just contact our sales department.


What thickness is the top in the dresser and bedside table?

As a standard, the top in our dressers and bedside cabinets has a thickness of 19mm.


Can you make chairs in a classic style?


Of course, we can make chairs according to the project sent by customer.


What dimensions does the backrest have?

The size of the backrest counted from the seat is: height: 53 cm, width: 44 cm.


Does the size of the table affect the price?


The size of the table affects the price, tables with non-standard dimensions are subject to individual pricing. To find out what the price of the table you are interested in will be, contact our sales department.


Is it possible to order a table with square legs and a classic finish?

Of course, we can make a table according to the design (draft or photo) sent by the customer.


What are the colours of the glazing for the display cabinets and dressers?

As standard, we make glazing in brown, milky, graphite or completely transparent.


Is the worktop susceptible to scratches, wetting or temperature?

Our countertops are protected against scratches, moisture and temperature of high-quality polyurethane varnish, although it is worth to remember that it is still wood.


Can I order the round top table?

We can make table with any top You need, to find out more contact our sales department.